When we grow up…Lifepoint Church

One of the most important aspects of growing up is having “heroes”. Not the “super” type of heroes that fly or bend steel, but the ordinary kind that we “want to be like when we grow up”! Since as a church we have barely taken our first step, from time to time I want to point out other churches that we admire and “want to be like when we grow up”.

Lifepoint Church in Wilmington North Carolina launched in February 2006. Their Pastor, Jeff Kapusta, was kind enough to tell me their story and it was definitely not an “easy” beginning. They meet in a middle school and a year later, even in the summer, they are nearing 400 people in attendance. You know what impresses me about them though? Not their “size” or “innovation” or “cool factor” (and they are a very cool church) it’s the fact that they are a “Service church, not a Serve-us church” (Jeff’s words not mine).

You can learn a lot about someone by who they look up to. So if your interested in what actionchurch could “become” in a few short years… check out Jeff’s Blog (link). Most importantly please take the time to check out this news story about someone at Lifepoint who saw a need and didn’t call the church to meet it…she called her friends from church…(link) That’s exactly the kind of church I would like to be “when we grow up”.

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  1. Don,

    What’s going on man? How is life in PA? I was just talking about you guys yesterday. I can’t wait to hear what you guys are gonna do. How’s the race car running? I’m jealous.

    Stay in touch.