For all of you visiting the actionchurch blog for the first time, welcome. Come on in, feel free to look around. Kick the tires. Look under the hood. Sneak a peak inside our medicine cabinet. Make sure to check out our actionchurch FAQ section.

I know this may seem very “different” and “strange” to you. It is. We have a cause, a mission. We are part of a movement of churches from all across America, of many different denominations and “worship styles”. We have become tired of endless talk about the Bible, and “learning” about the Bible. We are bored with the endless “lectures”, “practices”, and “clubhouse pep talks”…we have decided to actually get on the “field” and play the “game”. Our mission is to actually put the teachings of Jesus Christ into action! Our cause is to actually make the “Good News” be good for our community by being “salt and light” as Jesus taught.
If this intrigues you, perhaps raises questions you have been unwilling to ask for years…stick around. Ask those questions…maybe formulate a few new ones. If the idea of a church sponsoring a race car seems “out of bounds” or “breaking the rules and traditions” to you, we love you but please do not read this blog, it will only “offend” you more! We have only begun to “break the churchy rules” in order to share the love of Jesus Christ with our friends and neighbors. Walk away. Tell everyone you meet how “offended” you are, we would appreciate that. Because, in the words of the great philosopher Bachman Turner (Overdrive)- “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

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