action heroes: 1st mission.

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Our 1st mission: Use your “position” to help someone (show God’s kindness)…with no strings attached.

Soon after David became King of Israel, the bible says he began “wondering if anyone in Saul’s family was alive so he could show God’s kindness to”. Saul was not only the king that preceded him. but the dude who had tried to kill him-for years. In spite of their bad history David used his “position” as king to help one of Saul’s descendants… Read the complete story. (link)

How can you use your “position” in life to help someone? Someone you don’t know. Someone who might not deserve it. How can you (and I) show “God’s kindness” to someone through our “position” God has blessed us with. Each of us have a “position”. Stay at home mom, manager, employee, coach, etc…everyone has one. The question is, how can you use that position to show Gods kindness??? I’ll get started in the comments with my story. God speed on your mission!

4 thoughts on “action heroes: 1st mission.

  1. I was approached by someone asking for a job at work. (Painting Contracting) I had no positions available so I was about to blow the person off…leave your name and number, blah, blah, when I felt really moved to actually try to help this person. All I had to do was take a moment of my time and connect her with some contacts in the painting industry that I knew were hiring. Several days later she stopped me to tell me she got a job that very day that I “helped” her. She was so thankful for the work and I was thankful I took about three minutes of my time to actually “change the history” of her life…awesome experience. I won’t so easily blow off peoples requests for help in the future.

  2. Don bought our daughter Reagan a (ONE) princess necklace a few weeks ago. Of course she wanted ALL of the different Disney Princess necklaces in the set. Of course when Don went back to get them before her birthday they we GONE! I ended up calling every store in the area that had carried them until someone gave me the name of the wholesale supplier. The supplier had them in stock but they had a 50 DOllAR minimum order…a little out of our princess necklace budget right now! A employee of the wholesale distributor heard my story, purchased the other neckaces herself at her discount, and mailed them personally to our house. They arrived on Reagans birthday! We did send her a check to cover her expense in purchasing the necklaces, but we cannot ever repay her for her thoughfulness!…besides she had no idea we would ever repay her…she didn’t even ask. The world needs more people who will use their “position” to help others!

  3. At the moment my position is a “Dreamchaser.” But I had a great opportunity to connect with a man searching out the right church for his family to serve in. (Note: I love his heart his whole family wants to serve not just be fed!) Anyway, the bill came and since he invited me he kind of expected to pay the bill. I was able to thank him for the opportunity to dream about our church plant and pay the bill. He did not expect or anticipate this small gesture but even the smallest gesture can have a large impact. I praise God that I was able to use my “position” to help someone else because so many people have paid for our dinners lately!