Wanted: Extreme Fishermen!

I love the show Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. If you would have asked me before I saw the show if I would be interested in “watching a program about
crab fishing in the Bering Sea” I think the answer would be a big
NO! After watching, I was absolutely hooked (that’s no fishing
pun) by the crews of the crabbing ships. They are fearless and
hopeful, willing to risk it all because they understand the high
value of what they are fishing for. (Each King Crab is worth over
$20 and a crewman can make $10-20k per trip!) I love how
the crews realize they are all “in it to win”. If one crew member
is slacking or injured others will either jump in to help or
administer a “wake-up” call. Teamwork on a crab boat isn’t a goal or method…it’s survival! I love how proud the crewmen are of their “colors”. The highest honor for a rookie crewman is to receive a jacket with the ships logo on it that he can wear when he returns home. I love how every crewman strives to be great at their particular “station” so that the team can have a good catch. I also love that even though the captain sets the course for the ship from high above the deck, he receives a “share” in the catch just like the other crewman. Finally, (and I could go on…I really dig this program) I love that they constantly “keep score”! You will never find a crab fisherman on the Bering Sea who does not know how many crab they are catching and what they are worth. Every crewman realizes that they are paid to catch crab…not be on a boat, wear a rain suit, or talk about fishing. They are crab fishermen….and the most important thing to them, way more important than their physical comfort and safety, is that they are “on the crab”.

We are currently looking for Launch Team Members. Launch team members are not “board members” or “committee members” or “steering team members”! The qualifications of a launch team members are actually very much like the crewmen on a crab boat in the Bering Sea! We are looking for men and women who understand the extreme value of the lives of our neighbors in York county. People who are willing to risk their own “comfort and safety” of being a “church goer/member”to save the lives of our neighbors and friends with the Good News of Jesus. We are looking for people who would be proud to wear the actionchurch “colors”. People who will put their own “issues” aside to work as a team. We are looking for optimistic, entrepreneurial men and women who see declining church attendance as an opportunity for a “ship” who will go out to the dangerous and cold waters of our culture where the “big catch” is to be found. Most of all, we are looking for men and women who believe a place like actionchurch is needed in York county…and have the courage to do something about it!

Interested? Does this sound like your kind of adventure? For more info email: info@actionchurch.com

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Mathew 4:19

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