I just got the pre-production samples of the actionchurch t-shirts. They will be running them this week! Our goal was to make a shirt that people would choose to wear…not just “agree to wear” to promote actionchurch. I hope we have succeeded. I do not wear logo’d t-shirts as a general rule and I can’t wait to wear one! I might be a “little partial” though…

God has blessed us with some great business contacts (link) and our “wearable” supplier, A-Z Advertising Specialties, is no exception. What make this relationship even better is that our sales rep, Dave Meile, is the founder and leader of X-Stream Youth Ministries! (Please Check out their web site.) Dave and his wife Alicia truly love and lead teenagers in an amazing way. Their program uses kayaking, skateboarding, and Mountain Bike instruction to introduce “at risk” teens to a life centered on following Jesus. I think using God’s Creation as a “visual aid” beats a text book or PowerPoint presentation any day. Dave and Alicia have been a great support and encouragement from day one of actionchurch, and in the future we look forward to supporting X-Stream in ways even beyond ordering lots of t-shirts! We are truly thankful to have Dave and family in our lives.

Final Plug: Anyone walking with us at York Relay for Life will be receiving a way cool actionchurch t-shirt. It could be you…

2 thoughts on “action-gear!

  1. How sweet are those!

    It is so fun to watch the vision grow…keep those gears going!