actionchurch FAQ

I am creating a new category for posts named “actionchurch FAQ”. (You can access it from “Labels” in the side bar.) I hope this will help anyone accessing the blog for the first time to find basic information about actionchurch quickly and efficiently.

Here’s some topics I will be covering:
1) When does actionchurch officially launch? (2.10.08) Why that date?
2) What does it mean to “launch” a church? Why not call it planting or starting a church?
3) What does it mean to be a “launch team member“? How can I help?
4) What is an “actionchurch“? Why do you call it that? What’s up with the lower-case letters?
5) Where will we meet? Why? (This one’s gonna be fun!!!)

Any other questions? Email me with other questions for the category.
I want to keep the category as uncluttered as possible, but I will occasionally include other posts that I think capture the “flavor” of actionchurch particularly well.

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