Halloween opportunity


I usually try to mention this at the end of the Sunday service before halloween, but somehow in the flurry of questions and announcements I missed it.   Please let me take a few lines of print to rectify that oversight.

Halloween, like all “pagan holidays” (including Christmas :-) )  is a time of great opportunity for followers of Jesus:

It is an opportunity to show ourselves generous and hospitable to neighbors who WILL be coming to our doors.

It is an opportunity to build relationships and get to know new members of our communities by serving them.

It is an opportunity to teach our children about giving, generosity, and contentment.

It is also an opportunity to “make a point” instead of making an impact on our non-believeing neighbors and relatives.

It can also be an opportunity to “reveal our inner jerk” as we preach our opinions and convictions to people who don’t share our savior.

It is also an opportunity to compromise your morals and convictions to celebrate death instead of life, evil instead of good, lies instead of truth.  (And as a bonus have drunk pictures on Facebook of you wearing a tiny dress and fishnets…this goes for guys AND ladies) :-)

Halloween is a great opportunity…how will you respond?

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