10 things I loved about actionchurch at the Relay for Life.

Yesterday at actionchurch, our pastor Don and event coordinator Kenna got to share their highlights from Relay, but only gave me a microphone to talk about the rest of the summer. So I made a list of things I love. People love lists. And apparently our truck.

  1. Black Shirts – I met a ton of actionchurch peeps in their handsome black t-shirts. I’m not much of a sports team guy, but I finally understand the whole team spirt/pride thing. I was so proud to wear the actionchurch truck and the cog with you guys.
  2. Hour 23 Tear Down Crew – We had a bunch of volunteers that were still there at the end of the event and ones that came to cover different shifts throughout the event. But, I wanted to kiss each person who showed up at the end to help tear down. I resisted though. I’m sure each of you AND my wife are thankful. We were tired, and REALLY appreciated you.
  3. Has Josiah ever made you cry? – I would like to say that I made NONE OF MY CREW cry at what we affectionately called Shaved Ice City. I was a great boss! They worked “hard” while taking concentrated syrup shots, getting girl’s phone numbers, throwing snow balls, mixing all the flavors to create “The Works”, and harassing customers. Oh yeah, and we gave away a ton of shaved ice.
  4. More than enough (pancakes) – As Don said yesterday, we had more than enough of everything! I’ve got 30 pounds of pancake mix in my backseat that I bought last minute, and am now returning to Giant. We were prepared thanks to you guys!
  5. actionchurch Talent – Did you know we have some future pop stars among us? William and Rosa both participated in the talent show at Relay. It was awesome. And adorable.
  6. 1 hour time slots – EVERYBODY played their part. I loved seeing volunteers stop in to fill their time slot and duties. It allowed everyone to get involved AND I actually got to learn some names. You guys aren’t as scary as you look from the stage!
  7. actiongroup Reunions – We mentioned this yesterday as well, but I personally enjoyed getting to hang out with my two previous Financial Peace actiongroups! It was like a family reunion, but without that awkward drunk uncle who wants to debate the Trinity with you. On second thought, some of you ARE as awkward and weird at 3am as my drunk uncle…
  8. Walking in the storm – Don shared this story yesterday as well. (You really should check out this week’s podcast, he was excited, sleep-deprived AND over-caffeinated. Made for a great sermon!) I was camped out in the Shaved Ice tent staying nice and dry, and I looked out to see a ton actionchurch folks walking around the track while it was pouring down rain. Everybody else was inside the school (as they were instructed to), but actionchurch said a general “Screw it, we’re gonna keep going”. :-)
  9. Black Betty – Having a mobile church inside a truck right there was very convenient. Having a huge mascot sitting on the field the entire event was life-changing. As Kate Whitecomb once said, “SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  10. Breakfast – One of the largest things we did was prepare and feed breakfast to everybody at Relay. And I just want to say, actionchurch makes FANTASTIC breakfast. Holy cow. So. Good.

I’m honored to be apart of this community that is loving God, loving people, and not just talking about it, preaching about it, praying about it,┬ápicketing about it, tweeting about it, arguing about it, or doing nothing at all about it. I’m proud to stand along side of each of you loving God, loving people, and because of that, taking action.

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