Making “it” happen.

Five years ago I wrote this list of things that I believed a future actionchurch should value:

What we Value

Fun!  Brevity. Cultural Relevance. Authenticity. “A little less talk and a lot more action!” Transformation over information. Doing nothing Half way! Kindness and generosity…with no strings attached. “Making Jesus Famous!”   Creativity. Originality.   Ambiance.   Art.   Family.  –from the actionchurch Manifesto

Thank you, actionchurch folks for inviting your friends and family and making our Easter service our highest attended service ever. Thanks for your generosity, for making sure every guest was comfortable and cared for, and for making sure every child left with an awesome Easter basket. Thank you actionkidz crew, for giving up your Easter service, to make sure that our little ones learned about a risen Jesus in a way that they will not soon forget.  Thank you crew, for making a morning full of technical difficulties look effortless and professional. I’m thankful for the Todd Eckhart band for sharing their talent and heart.  Thanks to our leadership team,  for your prayers and support for Michele and I.  It means so much.

I will fully admit that when I originally wrote the “What we value” part of the actionchurch manifesto, I had no idea what  “it” would look like.  Thanks to you all, I think we are seeing “it” happen every Sunday.  Thank you ALL for making it happen Sunday.

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