4th Birthday Party at the movies.

Sunday we announced that actionchurch will celebrate it’s fourth birthday in a way that would make ANY four-year-old very happy:  we’re going to have a star wars birthday party and invite all our friends to a free screening of the Star Wars episode one in 3D!     We are so grateful to Frank Theaters for giving us such a great birthday gift, and we’re excited to be able to share it with all our friends.  We’ll serve the birthday cake at 6pm on February 21st, then we’ll all head into a private actionchurch screening chock full of pod-racing, light sabers,  and the most annoying creature in the galaxy- Jar Jar Binks.

Make sure and pick up tickets at the merch table on Sunday mornings.  Be sure to invite your friends (we have plenty of free tickets…and cake) for them as well.  Remember, hold onto your tickets as they not only get you into the theater, but the number on them is your ticket for the raffle where you could win a really great prize.

Spread the word.  Invite your friends. Don’t forget to pick up your tickets.  May the “fourth” be with you.  :-)


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