Sunday @ actionchurch

Sunday will be the final week of the “You reap what you sow” teaching series.  Over the past three weeks we’ve talked about why we should plant (Potatoes), how many (Potatoes) to plant, how to get started planting (Potatoes) even when you have “nothing”, and how not to give up while you wait for your (Potatoes) to grow.  And, (if you are not a total potato aficionado :-) , we’ve even talked about how to plant a life and legacy that is successful not only here on earth…but for all eternity .  Don’t miss this week as we talk about the very best part of the series (and sowing and reaping in general): Harvest!

This Sunday will feature music from Mitch Meador, and your kids will NOTwant to miss the new expanded actionkidz!

It all starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).  Come early to enjoy a  Coffee, Maple Donuts, bagels, and Muffins with the friendly folks of actionchurch.

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