Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-04

  • I think this is the nicest day I've EVER picked to hang Christmas lights! #
  • Eating spinach "salad in a bag". Trying to pretend its @oXDeniseReneeXo 's yummy peanut butter fudge… #
  • Just had an awesome talk with Frank Theater mgt. So excited about the things they are doing in the community & how we can partner with them! #
  • It's impossible to receive (and then GIVE) forgiveness and mercy as Jesus taught-while holding onto the idea of "fairness". #
  • Double rainbow in west York. Maybe it will start raining skittles!!!! #
  • Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. -Tim Tebow #
  • Santa Cog is coming to town! (and he doesn't "see you when you are sleeping" like that other guy :-). #

  • I hope I don't lose any of my hip-hop credibility this week as I talk about Justin Bieber in my sermon… #worried #
  • The most valuable things you can have in a trade are expertise and a good reputation. Can't be bought. Can't be "spun"into reality. #life #
  • "be shrewd as snakes, and harmless as doves". -Jesus. (Matthew 10:16)

    //don't buy the hype. Chose to love anyway. #

  • My favorite construction project of tre year. #
  • Envy is our way of telling God he's not smart enough to know who the "right" people are to Bless… #
  • Greed is our way of telling God he's not smart enough to know who the "right" people are to bless… #
  • Just three more Sunday morning services in 2011! You will not want to miss one of them: #

  • Getting excited about decorating Frank Theaters tomorrow for Christmas actionchurch style! #

  • Every year I think it's impossible to find something new and amazing in the Christmas Story of Jesus. Every year I am wrong. #excelsisdeo #

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