Recovery Road

For the last two Sundays at actionchurch we’ve had technical issues with the podcast. We have the problem fixed and will right back here next Thursday with this weeks episode of “Community Cookbook”.

Here’s the thing though, I’d like to ask you to do something INSTEAD of waiting for next weeks podcast. Something that I’ve never done in the three+ years of actionchurch…and in thousands of posts right here on this blog- I want you to listen (or watch)  a podcast from another church. I want you to hear a message series by someone who is simply the best communicator I have ever heard…speaking about perhaps THE MOST important issues in our lives right now.

So, our podcast is down this week, but I have something even better to offer you. Whether you regularly listen to podcasts, or if this will be your first one, please take the time to go to the link below and watch or listen to the series Recovery Road.  I believe Andy Stanley has captured better than anyone the serious problems (financial, political, and moral) that we find ourselves in as a nation…and the road to recovery from them.

One thought on “Recovery Road

  1. Thanks for the link Don. This really gets to the heart of all the issues we face. Definitely worth listening to.