Sunday @ actionchurch

This week at actionchurch we’ll be featuring the film “True Grit”, and talking about one of the grittiest, most difficult dilemmas we face in life- Whether to forgive those who harm us, or pursue them…hold grudges against them…and seek revenge.

Jesus taught us to “love our enemies”, “pray for those who persecute us” and “forgive anyone we have a grudge against”.  But what about when the person who has hurt us is a truly “bad guy”?  What if we’ve done only good to them, and they’ve repaid us with evil?   Should we just let them “get away with it”?  What about Justice?

We’ll find answers to all those questions Sunday in the words of Jesus, a surprising story from the Old Testament about an outlaw and a beautiful and wise woman who married a “bad guy”, and the movie True Grit.   9th Hour Legacy will be providing the soundtrack (including the song that plays throughout the film) and actionkidz will be learning more about what the Bible says about Friendship in their current series “Entourage”.

The service starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate. (Directions)   No ticket necessary, no lines, and unlike movie concession stand snacks, the coffee, Maple donuts, and bagels are all FREE!  Come early, grab breakfast, and spend Sunday morning “At the movies” with us.

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