Sunday @ actionchurch

Yes, we have a big day planned for Sunday at actionchurch, even though these folks are predicting the Rapture will happen on Saturday. :-)   Jesus said this about when he would return to earth.

“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.  Mark 13:32

If Jesus and the angels don’t know when the end will come…I’m pretty sure that the people in the florescent “the end is near” t-shirts don’t know either.   In fact, I think you can be SURE that Jesus WON’T return on Saturday…just to remind them that they’ve been wrong before…and they’ll probably be wrong again.  Here’s the thing though, I think Jesus could return tonight…or next Wednesday…or the week following that.  It could happen any time.  We should be ready to meet him.  We should have our hearts and lives prepared.

So… Sunday, on a special “Day after the Rapture didn’t happen” edition of actionchurch, we’re going to get an “update” from the book of Philippians that wil change EVERYTHING about how we live our lives in preparation for meeting Jesus.  (BTW even if Jesus doesn’t return in our lifetime…EVERYONE will still bow to Jesus sometime.)

Between Blue will be our musical guest Sunday, and your children will NOT be happy with you if they  miss actionkidz this week…so bring them!

The service starts at 10:30 am. No need to dress up…just wake up and join us at Frank theaters (Directions) early to enjoy coffee, Maple Donuts, and a chance to hang with actionchurch folks.



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