Heart. Heart. Cog.

Just when I thought we had expressed the mission of actionchurch in it’s simplest form,  Josiah’s design for our line of ladies t-shirts this year made it even simpler:

Heart. Heart. Cog.   (Love God, Love People, Take action.)       I love that!

If you see someone wearing an actionchurch T-shirt, (after you get past your immediate envy and regret that you aren’t wearing such a sweet looking t-shirt) here’s something you should know.

Each year the church pays to have a new line of t-shirts printed.  We give lots of them away to volunteers.  Then, generous (and fashionable :-) ) people purchase  the rest, which recoups all of the expense of printing the shirts.  The church uses that money to serve and support our local Relay for Life. Finally, dozens of volunteers put on their actionchurch shirts and head out to serve those in our community affected by cancer at Relay.  (This year we will be providing a free breakfast, overnight coffee bar, free bounce house area for the kids, teams of walkers raising funds for the American Cancer Society.  etc…etc…)

If you are keeping score at home, I believe that would be a Win-Win-Win.   Thanks to all of you who are taking part.

Heart.  Heart. Cog.

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    • It takes place June 17th and 18th so there’s still plenty of time to get involved. Thanks for asking, Lacey.