This is the week, the week before Easter, that many churches call Passion Week.   It’s a time to remember the sufferings and sacrifice of Jesus…his passionate obedience to his father, God…his passionate love and pursuit of unworthy sinners past, present, and future.

As I listened Sunday to Jeremy Willet  urge people not to ignore the plight of hungry children in Mozambique and other poverty stricken areas of our world-I saw passion.   The power of that passion was evident as actionchurch folks lined up to provide for the needs of children they will likely never meet (in this lifetime at least.)  

Godly passion for others stirs people to action.   It was true of Jesus…it should be true of his followers. I love the passion for others I saw in the Willet bandmembers Sunday.  But God-given passion doesn’t just apply to children in other countries.  In fact, without action motivated by passion, our gathering Sunday morning at Frank Theaters would NEVER have happened!  Children are going to hear about Jesus and experience his love through being fed in distant continents because of what happens right here in York county!

actionchurch exists because of:

People who are passionate about those who have wandered far away from God.

People who are passionate about making our guests feel welcome.  (Maple Donuts are back, BTW :-))

People who are passionate about inviting their friends and family.

People who are passionate about giving financially so actionchurch can continue.

People who are passionate about music and sound.

People who are passionate about teaching children about Jesus.

People who are passionate about  groups and community.

People who are passionate about art and aesthetics.

People who are passionate about serving our community.

People who are passionate about carrying heavy things…OK, I’m not sure anyone loves that…but I know that folks love others enough to CHOOSE to carry, set-up, tear-down, and store thousands of pounds of gear each week.

The passion of Jesus changed the world forever.  The passion of his followers continues to be a force for good thousands of years later. 

What is your passion?  How are you changing the world?  Could your God-given passion be part of actionchurch’s plan to Love God, Love people, Take action…and change the world?

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