Sunday @ actionchurch

This week at actionchurch we’ll be getting wisdom for work from the the book of Proverbs.  The average American will spend over 1/4 of their life at work.  During the week, work and work related activities take up more of our time than any other activity.  (including eating and sleeping combined.) 

Fortunately, this week in “the ‘verbs” is filled with great advice and wisdom about work.  Whether you are happy in your work, unemployed and looking for work, or WISH you were unemployed because you seriously hate your job, this week will have something for you.

This week will also mark the return of Farewell Flight to the actionchurch stage!  You can listen to their music (HERE).  As always, your kids are welcome, and they will find that the very best part of actionchurch is actionkidz!

I hope you are joining us in reading thru the book of Proverbs in the month of January.  Today’s reading is Chapter 14.

The band kicks off at 10:30.  Come early for Coffee, donuts, and bagels.  See you Sunday!   (Directions)

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