A Note from Tammi Morris

Hey Action Church – Being with you on Sunday was awesome, you have no idea! I get the pleasure of speaking all over York County, but AC is a place, I feel right at home, ( yeah even with the ear plugs). Seriously, I want you all to know that whether you’re in the grocery stores, at a high school football game, or jamming out in a friends basement, know that one more homeless mom and her kids were helped because you stepped up.  Thank you for your donut! Thank you for Loving God Through People and Being a Church of Action!!  Remember you can call me anytime!! Well not anytime, but almost any time to learn more!

 Next time I come, I’ll have another story, this time it might be about disc brakes and curling irons, you just never know! Take Care of Don and Michele, You’ve Got it Real Good with them, but you already knew that didn’t you!!

 Fit for A King,


Tammi T. Morris


Bridge of Hope York County

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