This Sunday@actionchurch!

Sunday at actionchurch is going to be filled with more creamy goodness than a package of double-stuffed oreos.  (That’s my highest compliment-ever. )  

First of all, we’ll be having water Baptisms at the end of the service Sunday.  There is nothing better than seeing folks make public their decision to follow Jesus through baptism.  This is what it is all about, folks.   We’ll also be talking about one SURE WAY to be blessed by God (and in the process deal with the problems in the workplace and relationships in general that we ALL face!). 

Finally, we’ve got the band The Great Transparency showing up Sunday morning with some great tunes.  (check them out here).    If you have kids who have attended actionchurch, they are already pestering you to be at actionkidz on Sunday…

See ya Sunday, 11am @ Club19.   (directions)

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