Sunday, July 4th

So Sunday is the fourth of July, and I’m sure you have a picnic or party to attend, or are planning on being away on vacation. If you’re planning a vacation, see ya when you get back.  If you’re around York this weekend, we’re making it our mission to make actionchurch the place to be before your parties begin.   As an added bonus, since church lets out by 12 you might miss setting up the croquet set…you won’t however miss your Uncle Eddy’s drunken attempt at Frisbee…or any local fireworks displays.

Ionia will be rocking us as our musical guest, and lots of fun is planned for the kids.  (Including some red, white, and blue silly bandz.)


1) Four of our awesome set up crew members are out of town this weekend.  If you’ve ever wanted to see club 19 earlier on Sunday morning, or wanted to experience the glitz and glamour of being an actionchurch crew member, show up Sunday at 9am.  We could really use your help. for details.

2)  I NEED a lawn dart for Sunday.  (Remember lawn darts?  The flying ice pick game for one-eyed children? )   The first person to bring me a lawn dart Sunday wins a prize.  (seriously).   I solemnly promise not to toss said lawn dart into the audience or tech pit area.

See ya Sunday!

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