Sunday Morning @actionchurch

This Sunday at actionchurch we’ll be wrapping up the “none of the above” series with one of the most hotly contested issues of our society.  Greed  Vs  Unselfishness.  Most people would agree when asked that Greed is a bad thing, and being unselfish is the best way to live.  What most people don’t agree on though,  is what it means to be “unselfish” in America today.   Does being unselfish mean selling your possessions and becoming a missionary?  Does being unselfish mean flushing your toilet once a day,  and driving a hybrid with tires made of hemp?  Does being unselfish depend on how much you’ve donated to your church or charity?  Does being unselfish mean that you have absolutely no self interest and think only of the needs of others?

I’m really glad that the teachings of Jesus contain some great “none of the above” answers for our questions about selfishness.  I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all Sunday Morning 11am @Club 19 (directions)

Our musical guest will be Silversyde  from Troy NY, and actionkidz will be the place your little ones want to be.

See ya Sunday!

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