Pawn Stars

One of my favorite television shows right now is “Pawn Stars”, the unlikely adventures of a family owned pawn shop in Las Vegas.  Check em out Here on Hulu.

I love the interaction between the Grandfather “Old Man”, Rick  (owner), and son “Big Hoss”.  I love watching perhaps the WORST employee in the history of small business-“Chumlee”.    

I’ve learned quite a bit from the show…seriously.  Somewhere in the middle of learning how to spot a fake Rolex, and why not to buy a boat-“Bring Out Another Thousand”,  I learned something from the opener that I never want to forget when it comes to actionchurch on Sunday mornings.

At the beginning of each episode the owner Rick Harrison, says these words:

“This is my Pawnshop, Everything in here has a story…and a price.  One thing I’ve learned after 21 years, you never know what is going to come through that door.” 

I never want to forget that everyone who walks through the doors of actionchurch has a story. They are “bought with a price.”   They have Value.  They Matter.  Unlike the guys on Pawn Stars, when we spot a “fake” or a “phony” we don’t turn them away.  Everyone is welcome and excepted.

The reason why I want every week to be powerful at actionchurch is because, as Rick says,  “You never know what is going to come through that door”!

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