We are just one week away from Relay for Life.   I am so excited about the money that has been raised to provide the Survivor Banquet on Friday night (6/18) for Cancer Survivors and Caretakers.  (Right now it looks like we’ll have around 550 guests!)   I’m excited that so many of you have already signed up to help out in some way at the event. 

If you haven’t already signed up,  let me urge you one more time to make plans to attend the event next week.  It’s located at the York School of technology (Queen St/I-83) and runs from 2pm Friday until 2pm Saturday. 

I so want you to be part of Relay,  because I know that if you show up at any time during that 24 hour period:

1. You’ll see more people than you ever imagined gathering together to serve families affected by cancer.

2. You’ll see actionchurch folks serving others EVERYWHERE at the event.  (I’m always inspired by that!)

3. You’ll get to know people from church…and people from your community.  (Some of my best conversations have happened at Relay after 2 am :-) )

4.  You’ll be surprise how much fun you can have at a “cancer” event.

5.  You will wonder why you’ve never “relayed” before.

Please make plans to attend next week…you will be glad you did.

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