Jesus, Matthew, and a Monster Truck.

This Sunday we talked about how Mathew (Levi) brought Jesus back to his home to meet his  friends after answering Jesus’ call to “follow me”.

Mondays are my day off, So yesterday Reagan and I “had” to test drive the new actionkidz “monster truck” inflatable.  (It was a tough job but someone had to do it) :-)

The cool thing is that both of those things are connected.  As people who have chosen  (like Matthew) to answer the “follow me” call of Jesus, it is our privilege and RESPONSIBILITYto find ways to “bring Jesus back to meet our friends and family”.  I think we have found a practical way to help folks do just that.  We purchased the new inflatable for actionkidz on Sunday mornings, and special events like Relay for Life, actionchurch picnic, etc.  We will also be lending it out (free of charge) to folks for neighborhood parties, birthday parties, and ???. 

So what kind of “Matthew party” could you have with a Monster Truck Bouncer?   What would your friends and family think if you told them that the inflatable came from your church… no strings attached? ( There’s no need to hand out religious pamphlets or preach a sermon at your party…just have fun:-)… it is supposed to be a party after all.)

What are some other ways that we can “invite Jesus to meet” our friends and family?

How can we use more of the resources of actionchurch (present and future) to help people have “Matthew party moments”?

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