(Late) thoughts from Sunday…

Here’s some quick (belated) hits from Sunday.

The video and keynote was Flawless!  With Josiah off for his honeymoon and Tyler in charge I thought for sure that Tyler was an “old pro” at keynote presentations.  Turns out we saw his first on Sunday…  Seriously a great job, while dealing with a migraine no less. 

It was also cool to see Garrett do the intro…He’s not only good behind the camera…but behind the mic also.  Mr. Snyder will have to be given a mic more often. 

Thanks to the Guys (and Gal) from Thru-me for rocking us Sunday.  They started out with a Delirious cover (My Glorious) that is one of my favorite worship tunes.

And Yes, Matthew has two “t’s” in it.  I spelled it Mathew.  One “T”.  Tyler stood up for me.    Kept the one “T”.   Tyler, even though your fiance, Mercedes, was right about the spelling (they’re ALWAYS right btw)…thanks for having my back! :-) 

I’m excited at how many people took actionchurch yard signs.  Definitely be on the look out for Love God, Love People, Take Action signs to pop up everywhere around York.  Even though I said NOT to put them in OTHER peoples yards…you made me laugh Kirsten.  :-)

We need to bring people to actionchurch… Not so they can meet our expectations…but so they can meet our Jesus!

Very Happy for the New Mr. and Mrs. Katz.  Josiah, the way everything runs when you are gone is a credit to what a great team you have assembled.  I feel really blessed to work with such great people.

Thanks to Kate and Chrissie for rocking actionkidz as well. Another example of the really great folks on the actionchurch crew.

I’m excited about having our first communion service in two weeks.

I’m really excited and challenged by the announcement that actionchurch will be sponsoring the survivors banquet at relay for life.   Yes, we are serving Dinner for 600!

Pray for God’s guidance and provision for the next few months…I can’t be specific yet but big changes are in the works…and only God will be able to lead us where we need to go.  These are exciting, scary, important times for actionchurch…and I am so thankful that we serve a great God and are  blessed with great people!

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