Easter @ actionchurch info.

One of our goals each week at actionchurch is to make sure that people know what to expect.  We want any “surprise” to be a good one…not an awkward moment caused by lack of information.  (That’s why we do this website, and why you see so many signs at Club 19 on Sunday morning.)

Here’s the 411 for Easter.

Q.  Do I need to wear an Easter Bonnet?  No, but if you actually have a bonnet I’d really appreciate if you wore it.  I’ve always dreamed of speaking to a crowd filled with bonnets…it’s on my “bucket list.”

Q.  What will Don talk about on Sunday? (I’m thinking about bringing my Mom).  Last Sunday I “solemnly swore” to NOT talk about any thing embarrassing…no stories of prostitutes in the bible for example :-) .  I will be talking about what Jesus said his death and resurrection was “all about”…and telling you the story of the events that lead up to that first Easter Sunday in a way you have probably never considered.  (And BTW, when I pitched the Idea for Sundays opener to Josiah he responded with the ringing endorsement that “We’ve done worse”.)  So there’s that…

Q. Who is the Musical Guest Sunday?   Jerry and his band the Doozees will be rocking the stage Sunday.  If you are a musician and/or just enjoy watching really good musicians at “play”…don’t miss Sunday.

Q.  Will actionkidz have any special things going on for my kids Sunday?  Absolutely!  Bring your kids and stuff a few extra in the mini-van as well.  (Please get their parents permission first.  :-) )  The actionkidz crew have been preparing for weeks for Sunday.  You won’t be dissapointed.

Q.  Is actionchurch doing anything special for adults Sunday?  C’mon, every Sunday is special at actionchurch.  (Sometimes even in a good way.)

Q.  What can I do to help?   I’m glad you asked.  We have extra set up to do on Sunday and some of our great Crew will be traveling etc.  We need a couple of hardworking folks to show up at 9am at Club 19 on Easter to help out.  Want to “take action” with us?  Let me know.  info@actionchurch.com

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