Sunday Recap: Disaster strikes!

Okay, Maybe the title is a bit overly dramatic, but we did kick off the new “Disaster” series on Oscar Sunday.  I’d definitely like to give “oscars” to all of the guys for everything on the “big screens” on Sunday.  Austin…for best original artwork (below)

Garrett…for best original photography.  (all the lyric backgrounds and 99% of the photos on this blog.  And of Course Josiah for best original keynote…and putting up with my “duck and cover” 1950’s intro. :-)   We seriously have a lot of talented people that make sundays at actionchurch special!

While I’m giving out “oscars” the actionkidz crew definitely deserve an armful for putting on the “Indiana Jones and the search for love in action” this weekend.  These guys had SOOOO many kidz this week…and every one of them experienced such a great lesson about what love in action is.  The best part of actionchurch is what happens behind the “garage door” in actionkidz!

In the month of March during the “Disaster” series we’ll be talking about the life of Noah.  We all THINK we know about Noah, but mostly we know about toy Noah, Sunday School story Noah, or Evan Almighty Noah.  The real Noah experienced one of the darkest moments in history…the greatest natural disaster of all time even though he lived a blameless life that pleased God.  “Walking with God” like Noah did does NOT mean we will never experience disaster.  Everyone faces disaster. 

Most of us prepare for disaster like one of the three little pigs.  “Straw pig” people don’t prepare at all…they rely on others.  “Stick pig” people prepare but focus more on the “now” than the “what if”.  “Brick pig” people spend their whole life preparing for “what if” disasters.  The problem with all of our “three little pig” preparations in life, is that Disaster comes in many forms.  We may be able to “wolf proof” our lives in one are,a but trouble still can (and will) come to us in another.  The most important thing we can do in life to be ready for hard times…to be ready for loss and disaster…is to “Find Favor” with God like Noah did.  What we do to please God is the ONLY thing that will matter when disaster comes, and we need to “ask God for a favor” to get us through.  God’s plan was to wipe out EVERYTHING on the earth.  Because one man (Noah) found favor with God- we are still here today.

My morning was filled with lots of “little disasters” including attempting (and failing) to fix our ailing cog gobo light… and LOCKING MYSELF in the basement.  Seriously:-)

I really enjoyed having Divebomber with us this week.  I love the fact that (except for the Drummer) the band consists of a Dad, Mom, Son and daughter.  The family that rocks together…   Really great people to work with and their cover of  the classic “I’ll fly away” was hot.  Looking forward to having them back.

As always Thanks to everyone who works so hard to make actionchurch happen…   More “Disaster” next week..

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