Love God. Love People. Take action.

Sunday I announced that our new “tag line” for actionchurch was changing from “church for people who don’t like church” to “Love God. Love People. Take action.”.  All future advertising, invitation cards, wearables, etc will be tagged with the new line.

How it all started:  Two years ago when actionchurch launched at Fat Daddys Nightclub, I struggled to find ways to describe what our little “church in a bar/nightclub” would be like.  Some of our early taglines were original (re-think happy hour, No cover charge-no dress code-no joke,) and were funny and/or lame attempts to describe what was going to happen at Fat Daddys on Sunday morning.   “Church for people who do not like church” was not original (numerous other churches have used it) and not part of our initial launch.  After moving from Fat Daddys to Club 19  in October 2008 we begin to us the “church for people…” tag line exclusively because none of our “bar-related” tag lines seemed relevant to our currently non-alcoholic venue.

Why make the change?:  Several months ago our creative team (currently Jerry, Josiah, and myself) met to talk about how we could let more people know that a place like actionchurch exists here in York, PA.  Since then we have been working on finding new ways to “explain” and remind people both inside and outside of actionchurch why we exist.  Being a “church for people who don’t like church” may describe some elements of our Sunday morning “style/flavor” but it simply does not describe who we are as a church.  We needed a new descriptive tag line.

Is this a new direction?:  Nope.   actionchurch began because we Love God, Love people, and took action when we realized that there was not a place where some of our friends would be accepted, loved, and pointed to Jesus in our area. Because a place like actionchurch didn’t exist we took action.   It’s why our great volunteer crew work so hard to prepare for Sunday mornings.  Because we Love God and Love People we take action when students in our schools need coats, a family needs a fresh start, people suffering with cancer need our help, etc. etc.  Loving God, Loving People, and taking action are in our DNA, in our history, in our name…and in our future.  I can’t think of a better way to discribe what we do, who we are, and where we want to “go” as a church!

Tommorow:  The “scoop” about how the name actionchurch came to be. 



One thought on “Love God. Love People. Take action.

  1. Don and Michelle,
    I have been involved in a lot of churches on a lot of different levels over the years. We ended up at Actionchurch because of the ACTION. I was tired of TALKING about doing God’s work and never really getting to the point that we were DOING God’s work. There were always more “what if’s” than “we can’s”. Thanks for letting us be a part of something that is going to take the world by storm.