Sunday Recap: With all my heart finale

This Sunday at actionchurch we finished our look at how the people who made up the first Church in the book of Acts loved God, Loved People, and turned the world upside down.  People often ask the questions “Why do I need to be part of a church to Love God and Love people?”  “Why should I make myself vulnerable?”  “Why should I commit myself to others who because they are messed up and sinful like me, will invariably disappoint me in some way?”  The answer is that just like the first church in acts, the evidence of God’s grace is found in sinful people loving God and each other enough to be willing to forgive and accept each other…   The power of love is not seen in the lack of imperfections and conflict…but in the ability to change the world IN SPITE OF our sinful and corrupt nature as humans.  The Book of acts is full of conflict, problems, persecution, sinful behavior, forgiveness, repentence, and most of all LOVE…exactly what our church should be like today if we want to continue to be the evidence of God’s grace and love. 

A few Quick thoughts about Sunday on Monday NIGHT:

This Series has probably influenced me as a leader…and inspired me with a vision of what actionchurch can become in the future more than any other sermon series we have done in the last two years.  I am really excited about what we have to “say” to our community as a church in the coming years.  (More about that tommorrow.)

It was really great to have our son Chris with us Sunday. Really cool to get to share what you all have made possible with him.

I think this Sunday illustrated the principles of the book of acts very clearly.  Everywhere you looked it was OBVIOUS that ordinary folks can do EXTRAORDINARY things when they Love God, Love People, and Take action!!!  Thru me on stage, great visuals, great photos from Garrett, actionchurch ladies IN the background photos, actionchurch crew providing SUCH a great experience in every way.  Church is not something that “professionals” should put on for “ordinary people”.  Church is something that people who love others should gather and provide for their neighbors because they LOVE them.

On that note, I know Josiah already thanked you all…but thanks for sharing the Love with Josiah and Rachel by blessing them with housewarming/wedding gifts.  Let me just say this though…DON’T stop there.  If you appreciate what actionchurch has meant to you over the last two years, let someone with a crew tag know.  Thank them.  Let them know you appreciate what they do.  Spoil them :-)  We have SO MANY great folks that make actionchurch happen each week.

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