Make some footprints, Daddy.

That’s what my daughter says when we go outside now.  The snow is deep.  And she’s little.  Unless I “make some footprints” for her to walk in, she flounders…she’s stuck…she’s going nowhere in the snow that’s now nearly up to her waist.

I’m inspired by my daughter.  As long as I make a path, she’ll take my hand and follow anywhere.  She’s fearless.  Relentless. Tireless.

I want to follow my Father in Heaven like she follows me in the snow.  I want to relentlessly go where he leads all my life.    I just need him to “make some footprints”.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “Make some footprints, Daddy.

  1. No, Foot prints in the sand are foot prints made in sand. The footprints I was writing about are in the snow. Completely different. AND…in the footprints in the sand poem, Jesus carries the dude down the beach. I never carry my daughter in the snow…pull her in a sled sometimes…but never carry her. So There :-) Just wait til’ you have a cute little daughter and try to tell me sappy stories about her. hahaha