Sunday Recap: Taking the Next Step…

So a preacher and a metal band walk into a nightclub…ok it’s not a dumb joke…thats pretty much every Sunday at actionchurch.  This Sunday Pastor Dave Kerrison was with us to talk about “Taking the next step”.    WHERE EVER you are at in your “walk” of faith.  Whether you are just starting to take first steps…even if you’ve been a follower of Jesus for years…where ever you are…we all need to take the NEXT step.  Dave laid out that the next step is different for all of us…but we can all get directions for that next step from the same place- the Bible.  

Meanwhile, ionia was tearing up the actionchurch stage all the way from New York City.  I am really so thankful that this VERY talented band wanted to spend 8+ hours in a van just to rock us with 5 songs early on a Sunday Morning.  I think these guys will go FAR with their sound and work ethic.  The guys will be on the warped tour this summer and will be stopping back by actionchurch at some point in their travels.   I’ve got some ionia tunes on my hard drive now.

I’m not sure if Josiah and I fully prepared Pastor Dave for what a morning at actionchurch is like…we tried…It’s just something that needs to be experienced.    It was fun to hear Josiah on the mic with his former youth pastor…although he was much “gentler” with Dave than the regular guy :-)

On a personal note, this was my first Sunday “attending” actionchurch and it was SUCH a great week for me.  Our family has traveled out of town a few times over the last two years…but until now I’ve never been able to have someone else preach and get to just sit in the crowd on a Sunday morning. 

 THANKS for putting up with my fidgeting and not being able to sit still for an hour (Dr. Eric was watching and laughing at me during the sermon). 

  SORRY, to whoever the lady was in the table in front of me whose chair I kept accidentally kicking (I’m a spaz).  

Most of all, though I am looking forward to being back behind the mic next Sunday, but I really appreciate some down time to rest and “refill”.  I really need to do that a lot more.

You do NOT want to miss a single Sunday between now and Easter.  Jerry has some amazing bands booked, and we will be “turning up the heat” on the entire actionchurch experience.  As I shared with the crew before the service Sunday in a little state of the union address…I believe we are entering a very exciting season at actionchurch.

Speaking of Crew…here’s a picture of what club 19 would look like when you show up on Sunday mornings without the great actionchurch crew.  Thanks to all of you for making it happen each week!

Thanks to Garret Snyder for all photos.  See more here.

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