Churches and Dentists

Two types of Dentists:

1.  The “shame and pain” Dentist:   The kind that points out all of you dental “sins” with glee.  Makes you feel guilty for not flossing enough even if you just run into him at the grocery store. His office floods you answering machine and mailbox with reminders that you need to have your teeth cleaned.  This dentist thinks that “pain is a part of having good teeth”, so once you get in his chair plan on it being a long and painful session- because he’s not sure if you will ever be back.   You won’t…unless you have a dental emergency.

2. The “I’m here to help you” Dentist:  The kind that makes you feel at ease, even if you haven’t been in a dentist chair for years.    This Dentist works to make the process as painless as possible,and each time he gives you tips and help about things you can do to keep your gums and teeth healthy until your next visit.  Instead of scolding you for not visiting the dentist in the past, he acknowleges that most people don’t like going to the dentist so it’s his (and his staffs) job to change that.  This dentist makes appointments short and often…knowing that the best thing for your teeth…and you…is that you keep coming back.   You will, and you’ll tell your friends who are also  looking for a good dentist.

I think Churches and Dental practices have a lot in common…except for the weird spit sucking vacuum thingee.   What kind of dentists/churches have you experienced?

I want all of us to work together EACH WEEK to make actionchurch like dentist #2… 

 wanna help?

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