Going "Domino's"

Have you seen the new domino’s pizza commercials?  The ones that basically admit that “our pizzas aren’t that good…so we’re completely reformulating them to make them better…please try them again”. 

  I think we can all learn a lot from domino’s.  They didn’t “GIVE UP” and stop making pizza.  They admitted their shortcomings and are working to correct them.  They didn’t just busy themselves offering more “hot lava cakes” or “extra cheesy strips” to mask their problem.  They simply took an honest look at themselves and decided to meet their problems head on.  Now they are asking people to give them a chance to prove that they have changed…

I had the “new” pizza Sunday, definitely better.

What do we need to go “Domino’s”  about as a church(s)? 

 (One thing for sure is that we have definitely failed in the past to have a place for mothers/babies…and that changes Sunday!)

As individuals?

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