Coat Check


It’s hard to believe but just one month ago we all started on this incredible journey to gather 500 coats for Christmas. I thought it was time for another update so lets recap:

November 4th, 2009. –  0 COATS…None…Nada…Zilche

December 4th, 2009 –   342 COATS DONATED!

Yeah, that’s amazing.  Thank you all for you generosity…and let’s not let up even one little bit.  Bring a coat Sunday so we can go past the 400 coat mark with two weeks to go in our drive.  As hard as may have been to imagine one month ago, over the next three weeks we can surpass our goal to “turn cold kids into warm kids” in York City elementary schools!

2 more things-

We still have approx 15 coats on the $7 black Friday rack not spoken for.   If you can’t bring a coat-bring seven bucks.  There’s no easier way to provide a kid warmth this winter.

We’ll be announcing Sunday that as a church we are purchasing (on order )  500 pairs of gloves and knit hats to go along with the coats.  I am so thankful to be part of a church that when it comes to helping others…always give MORE than is expected.

See ya Sunday!

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