Sunday Recap: regift


This week we kicked off the “regift” series at actionchurch.  The one good reason to regift something is that you already have “it”…and instead of just having another…you pass it on to someone else so they can enjoy it also.  The good news that the angels announced to the shepherds (Luke 2 : 1-20) was not like the news that Santa Claus is coming to town.  The legend of Santa is a beautiful idea…if you happen to be a “good little girl or boy”,or if you happen to be someone who believes in the jolly old elf.  The Good News of Jesus is even  bigger.  The Good News of Jesus is supposed to bring great joy to ALL people-“good little girls and boys” and the “not-so-good”,  believers and non-believers, ALL people.  If we live out the kingdom plan of Jesus that the angels announced…if we regift the Good News of Great Joy…EVERYONE benefits. 

Where to start…great week at actionchurch.

After Sunday we now have 330 (that’s three hundred and thirty!!!) coats donated for the kids of York City!   Thanks to Steve (club 19) for donating 50 new coats in cases Sunday…thanks to everyone who has donated one coat…thanks to all of you who purchase coat this Sunday from our $7 rack…together we are going to absolutely accomplish what seemed absolutely impossible just a few weeks ago.  500 COATS FOR CHRISTMAS!

…and oh yeah, we had a little band called Farewell Flightplay this Sunday.  Wow what a great time.  I really want to get these guys back at actionchurch.  Their song “Low” that they played at the end of the service Sunday “said it all” as far as I am concerned.  Great Set to say the least.

The actionkidz team never ceases to impress me.  Kidz literally had to walk through a pile of presents to their area sunday.  Kari, Susan, and crew are so creative and do so much with so little…can’t wait to see what they can do as we grow and are able to give them even more resources.

I am so thankful that actionchurch is a TEAM of people.  There was so much going on this week…and I honestly struggled this week trying to prepare a message about Joy.  Thankfully the crew made this week great.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am that whether Sunday Morning “flies or flops” doesn’t depend entirely on my performance. 

Loved Josiahs intro…even though he admitted to seeing New Moon…even though I thought for a moment he was going to take his shirt off.

The “robo-narrator” idea seemed really funny…until I had to stand there while the Mac Pro read the scripture passage.  Awkward :-)  However, I love being part of a team that will try stuff instead of playing it safe.  The graffics looked amazing at least.

Can’t believe there are only 3 more Sunday services at actionchurch this year  (no service 12-27-09)   I don’t think you will want to miss any of them…let’s pack the place out!

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