Black Friday-this Sunday.


Think you missed out on the black Friday $7 children’s coat deal @ walmart?   Thanks to Steve and Mary Grow we’re bringing the deal to you on Sunday!   They just returned victorious from their black Friday “hunt” this morning and now my basement is filled with 88 coats for the kids of York City Elementary Schools.  

 The Grows “extreme shopping  turned a $300 donation we had received (Thanks Dave W!) for coats into 43 coats which we will be turning in today.  We will be bringing the remaining 40+ coats Sunday for generous actionchurch folks to purchase and donate.

Think of it…Black Friday deals on Sunday morning…without the long lines…while you eat a donut and listen to Farewell Flight.   What will we think of next :-)

One thought on “Black Friday-this Sunday.

  1. I want to thank actionchurch, for the opportunity to shop for the kids. Every time our church does something for humanity, I feel blessed to be a part of it. At “Relay for Life,” this past summer, I witnessed Mary, and my two boys, helping with the free flavored ice stand, and I had the awesome opportunity to help the AC All Stars, with their equipment, as they rocked the crowd of volunteers, and Lynn, moved us all to tears with her story, and singing of “Fields of Gold.” God rewards us with such joy when we help others. “A special shout” out to Don, Michelle, and Josiah, for leading us into these wonderful opportunities. Being part of the “actioncrew,” who sets up every Sunday, is so rewarding also. Being part of this crew, setting up, and seeing our fellow crew members do their thing is special. I could write a book about how God rewards us when we help others. You all have experienced it yourselves, I just am so pumped right now after watching people at Walmart, on Black Friday, help Mary, pass jackets to me from a distance, when I was stuck in line, and she could not get to me. The people were so nice when they found out that the jackets were being purchased for kids who do not have jackets. I also want to thank the special gentleman who provides money for our projects from his foundation. He is not from our area, but he follows us on the web, and puts his heart into action. He is down right “COOL!” Oh and one last “special birthday shout” to Jesus. He was born in a stinking animal shelter, and died tortured on a rugged cross. . . for humanity! God bless you all!