"500 Coats" update:


It’s been a couple of weeks since we kicked off our effort to gather 500 coats for york city elementary students who desperately need them.   The ironic thing is that I remember when we first heard about the need thinking, “wow, what if they need 100 coats…how could we ever give that many?”  When I learned that they need 500 for the five elementary students…I think I blacked out for a little bit   :-)

Check this though:   FORTY ONE (41) coats were donated this Sunday alone!  Next Sunday we will definitely take that number over 100!  (We have 66 coats so far.)   I thought that gathering 100 coats was an enormous “ask”…a herculean task…but we will be blowing past that in week 3 of our efforts!    I am so thankful that this challenge was TOO BIG for us as a church.  I am glad that I see it both  stretching our FAITH and engaging our creativity.  It’s exciting to hear the stories about how you all are spreading the word and making this seemingly “impossible” thing happen.  

****We have a new business drop off point. **** 

  MyFavorite Deli

3397 North George Street,

 Emigsville, PA – 717-764-4461  

 You can check out all our business drop off partners (here).  Thank you all!!!

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