seven is greater than one, week four podcast

seven is greater than one

This week we ended the 7>1 series by discussing how most people come to church at some level to be “ready to meet Jesus”. Whether Jesus comes back to “rapture” us next Tuesday or in 10,000 years we will still ALL meet him so we need to be ready. The big question of the day was “is going to church enough to “impress” God”. This scripture from the prophet Amos (who turns out not be THE Famous Amos) seems to say God IS NOT impressed by religious ceremony,gathering, giving, or singing. So why should we still gather together on Sunday morning?

The reason we meet together as a church is not to somehow “impress God”. We meet together to help motivate and encourage each other to lives filled with acts of love and Good works…not one day a week…everyday. Seven is greater than one!

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