Sunday Recap: Really God!?


Sunday we started the discussion of trusting God and not “depending on your own understanding”…even when everything within you says “Really God!?! Seriously?  The Bible is filled with stories of people following God’s direction even when it seemed completely illogical, irresponsible, and even insane.  We kicked off the series (with some help from Jim Gaffigan-my favorite comedian) by talking about the story of God “testing” Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son.  Nothing could have made “less sense” to someone who spent his entire life believing and waiting for God to bless him with a son.  God did provide a ram to sacrifice instead of his son…but the experience must have been one of the most horrible of his entire life.  It’s easy to look at Abraham as a “Bible Character”…to look at his story as a “good teaching illustration”…but to have lived through his experience would test any one’s faith and trust in God!  

Difficult week.   We had a last minute band change (congrats to Jordon from Failure 2xl on the birth of a new baby boy.)   We appreciate My heart to fear traveling in from Williamsport at the last minute for us. Doing church the way we do…in a rented club…with no paid staff…with hired bands…is one of the most rewarding things I have been a part of…but at times (like Sunday) it can feel like doing a tight-rope walk without a net.  It can definitely create some “Really God!?!” moments!

Let me just say that the next time Josiah has a “prophetic dream” that things are going to be seriously strange on Sunday…I’m gonna listen.  :-)   Some weeks we could film a reality show in the tech pit…

On a personal note a couple of folks presented Michele and I with a couple of really encouraging gifts/cards…sort of out of no where.  Let me just say thanks so much…It couldn’t have come on a better Sunday.

Although this series got off to (I think) a rough start…I am looking forward to telling some stories from the Bible over the next three weeks  that REALLY make you think differently about “Faith” and “Trust”…

I’m Gonna do a separate Post about our new 500 coat challenge…but this is the real deal folks.  “I know this sounds crazy”… but this is a way we can BE actionchurch to York City.

We’re thinking of calling it “Cold Kids Suck”…would that be wrong?  Or “more wrong” than anything else we come up with? 

Thanks as always to the UNSTOPPABLE actionchurch/actionkidz crew.  Thanks so much to Club 19 also…I am still so happy that we are going to be staying with them longer…what a great place to do church.

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