…in disguise.

disguiseOne of my Dad’s favorite sayings when I was growing up was “This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise”.   Although years later I’m still not exactly sure what “hemming and hawing” or several of his other words of wisdom mean, the whole “blessing in disguise” thing makes a lot of sense now.  

Things come along that certainly don’t seem to be blessings.  In fact, they often start out to be big problems…potential disasters.   Over time, with lots of intervention from God who “intended it all for good“, these problems can become amazing opportunities…unmistakable blessings.

What are the “Blessings in disguise” in your life now?

Sunday I’ll be giving an update about how God is already turning our problem of looking for a new venue into a Blessing…big time.  Prayers are being answered.  God is on the case.

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