Ch-ch-changes…(New Rock n Roll Czar at a/c)


So I’ve been posting for the last couple days about the process of picking a “direction” and relentlesslyheading toward it…while still being flexible and “nimble” when it comes to dealing with ever changing conditions on your way.   To sum up- If you are on your way to Disney world you’re never going to get there if you turn around and go home every time you hit stopped traffic on I-95.  However, if that stopped traffic happens to come from a horrific chicken pot pie spill that is going to close the interstate for 6 months (not sure why…but it could happen) you better consult your gps or map and find another route instead of stubbornly “sticking to your plan”.  

Here’s some ch-ch-changes we are making at actionchurch-

New “Rock n Roll Czar” –   We’ve asked Jerry (above on left) who has been doing such a great Job leading the ac all-stars to put his expertise to work as our new “Rock-n-Roll Czar”.  (the actionchurch equivalent of musical director…or as he would like to be called “the Godfather of rock” :-)    In the future Jerry, Josiah and I will be working as a team to make our Sunday mornings even more powerful visually/artistically (Josiah), musically (Jerry), and of course in “content” (me).  Garrett will continue “make the trains run on time” on Sunday morning as our Stage Manager (he puts the “man” in manager :-)  ), while Jerry will be working with bands far in advance of their Sunday morning time slot to make sure that they are prepared to bring amazing music and message (as the all-stars do) every Sunday!  

I’m excited about the change for two reasons.  One, I know that Jerry will be taking our Sunday morning experience to a new level.  Secondly, this move frees me up from something that I have done really poorly (musical direction) to spend more time improving the sermons and series and looking to the future of actionchurch… things I am extremely passionate about!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

One thought on “Ch-ch-changes…(New Rock n Roll Czar at a/c)

  1. Great! I love the change. Jerry, is so keen to his audience. He has always picked well thought out songs to meet our themes at ac, and he adjusted and made really good song choices for a different crowd at Relay for Life. What an asset to our ministry!
    Yo Jerry, you are the Godfather of cool music, and of having a keen sense of your audience!
    Congratulations, you know I am a fan, and look forward to you exercising your vision! Lets Rock!