Worst dog ever…


We’re talking about  the movie Marley and Me on Sunday.  What is it about the ‘worst dog ever” that generated a best seller and and hit movie?  Why do we remember and laugh at our “worst date ever”, our “worst DAY ever”, or the “worst thing our two year old ever did”?   How do things that seem “the worst ever” turn into things that we later laugh about…and learn from?

Two words (along with the passage of time) seem to make all the difference in whether we view something as an “amusing anecdote” or a disaster.   Acceptance and Forgiveness.

Accepting that “disasters” happen…and forgiving  the “disaster prone” dogs, two year olds, spouses, teenagers, and clumsy delivery people etc. can change anger into laughter…   Two words can make life enjoyable instead of just “bearable”.

Try them.   Today, if possible.

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