"Borrowing Trouble"


34 “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.   Matthew 6:34

I love these words of Jesus.  True.  Direct.  Not “politician-speak”.  We are all going to experience trouble. Jesus didn’t sidestep that issue.  We all have to deal with the “disasters” that come from living.  We all experience times when there is more bills than money…more obligations than time…more stress than rest…more drama than joy from our relationships with others.  It’s enough.  Enough to deal with on a daily basis.

What Jesus said we SHOULD NOT do is “borrow” even more trouble and stress by worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future.  Those troubles MIGHT come.  The check might not be in the mail.  The rumored lay-offs might happen.  Your spouse might dissapoint you terribly.  Your children might become ill…might go to college for 13 years to get an art history degree…might join a gang that holds up Taco Bells…but it hasn’t happened yet.   There’s enough stuff to deal with today.  

“CHILL”.  “Do all you can do and trust God to handle the rest.”  “Don’t borrow trouble.” 

Cliche’s?  Maybe.  Bumper-sticker slogans?  Yeah. 

 But if we choose to live them out…live the way Jesus taught when he said to “not worry about tomorrow”… life can be a lot more enjoyable…a lot less stressful.  There is enough trouble for the day.  One way to “Chill” this month is to deal with the trouble we have…and not “borrow” more.

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