Sunday Recap: Chill


This week we kicked off the “Chill” series at actionchurch. We live in a world that seems to constantly move from “crisis” to “crisis”.  The news is filled each day with things that you “should” worry about.  During the month of July we are urging actionchurch folks to take a vacation from the drama and crisis…to just “Chill”.  In each of the first three Sundays of July we will be giving everyone a fresh reason to trust God…a reason to “Chill” and know that God is “on the case”.  This week we talked about the fact that “God is not Surprised”!  No matter how mixed-up we may think the world has become…no matter how many things happen in our world that we could never have predicted… even though our lives and the lives of the people written about in the Bible were constantly filled with Uncertainty…God is never Surprised.  You can trust that he has a plan.  You can “chill” in the knowledge that he is in control.

8 “Remember this, and do not forget it!
       Think about these things, you who turn against God.
 9 Remember what happened long ago.
       Remember that I am God, and there is no other God.
       I am God, and there is no one like me.
 10 From the beginning I told you what would happen in the end.
       A long time ago I told you things that have not yet happened.
    When I plan something, it happens.
       What I want to do, I will do.
     Isaiah  46:8-10


…started giving out free tickets for actionchurch @ the park on the 26th of July.  If you missed the announcement we will not be meeting at club 19 on Sunday the 26th.  Instead, we are going to take our chill “on the road” and meet at 11am at John Rudy Park for a day of fun, food, music, and chill…actionchurch style.  We will be giving out FREE tickets for the event at the next two sunday morning services.  Don’t miss it…and don’t forget to invite your friends.  (actionchurch will be providing pulled pork bbq for everyone attending so we need a rough Idea of how many folks will be attending).   You can also reserve a spot or request info here.

Enjoyed preaching from a lawn chair…eating an icecream sandwich was pretty sweet also.  I could get used to this whole “chill” thing…

Thru me on stage.  Kind of a milestone day at actionchurch.  We started out booking bands to play Sundays because we initially didn’t have enough musicians in the church to form a band.  Really cool to see that now we have multiple bands that attend on Sunday mornings.  Great job “Lady and Gentlemen”… Looking forward to seeing even more “home grown” bands at actionchurch.

Surprised how many people turned out on a fourth of July weekend.  Thanks for showing up and inviting your friends.

Thanks Josiah for the great art this week and for putting up with my “help”!  (Ryan got called into work…so I thought I would fill in…not so much!   :-)   

Even though the series is called “Chill” it was a VERY hectic week putting everything together!  I know I say this every week but without a GREAT crew there would be no actionchurch on Sunday morning.

The next three Sundays are going to be lots of fun…sort of a “vacation” for actionchurch.  I’m looking forward to a fun Surprise next Sunday,  “bring your chair to church” sunday on 7/19 (the all stars are on stage that day and I hear that some of you are already planning your seating for the day…gotta take pictures.)  I’m also looking forward to chillaxin with you all @ the park  on 7/26.  ‘loving July at actionchurch!

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