Free Stuff…


I recently un-subscribed from a pastor’s blog that “sold” itself as a “free source of church planting advice and ideas for pastors”.   What it actually turned into was a constant infomercial for books, seminars, and coaching services.    Any “free” content or information was just a “lure” to get you to sign up for the paid services…  BLEAH.

One thing I really want to guard against as actionchurch grows…as our financial costs rise…is becoming “about” fundraising instead of continuing to provide a free service and allowing people to donate if they find it valuable enough to continue.  If people did not chose to voluntarily give their hard earned cash each week actionchurch simply would not exist.  We trust people to “vote with their wallet” and “vote with their feet” .   If people don’t show up…if the funds aren’t there…we simply cease to exist.  Simple. 

Thanks to all of you who make actionchurch happen each week.  Thanks to all of you that “vote with your wallet”.  Thanks to all of you that “vote with your feet”…and even invite your friends.  I am so thankful that you all continue to support a “church for people who don’t like church” every week.  I just want to make sure we NEVER switch from viewing donations as a necessary requirement to keep operating…to viewing getting donations as the reason we do what we do!  I hate being pressured, sold to, and manipulated…and I don’t think I’m the only one.   Let’s keep actionchurch “FREE”!

One thought on “Free Stuff…

  1. I’ve been to churches where “donating” was a requirement. Even being told how much to tithe. Churches where little graphs and charts were presented and we were asked to “go to the next level”.
    Personally, it’s between me and God. He actually tells me what to give and who to give it to. It’s one of the reasons we love it at Actionchurch. No pressure. No guilt if you can’t give.