Sunday Recap: the Resistance finale…

I'll be Back!

We ended the Resistance series with a bang this week.  Loved the Chambered version of G-n-R’s  “You could be Mine” from  Terminator Salvation.  If you missed the first five minutes…get there earlier.  We talked about the incredibly difficult subject of the “casualties” that happen in our battle with evil.  Our enemy Satan will use anything to stop us…Temptation, Discouragement, and Distraction…even distraction by “good’ things.   The parable of the sower  (Luke 8:4-15) seems at first to be a cute little story about a farmer and some birds…but it packs a hard punch.  Not everyone that hears the good news will make it.  Not everyone who starts out on the path of following Jesus will last to the end. Some will give up due to the difficulty of the journey.  Others will become distracted by the pleasures and possessions that this world offers.   Incredibly difficult to think about. Even one person losing their way is “one too many”!

The Highlights:

Between the Terminator clips and Chambered on stage I think we had more “metal” packed into a one hour period than anywhere else on the planet   :-) 

Also finished up the “Creation Celebration” in actionkidz.  The actionkidz crew are the true unsung heroes of a/c…  Truly the best part of Sunday morning happens after the “blast door” goes down on actionkidz. 

Thanks Josiah & Ryan for making the keynote and video great yesterday.   A year ago I couldn’t even imagine that the stuff we put on the screens yesterday would be possible.  Great Job!

As much as I believe that it was very important to talk about the strategies and tricks of our enemy (Satan)  I am sooooo glad to be done with this series!   I am so ready to study and talk about something a little more “cheerful”.

Speaking of…  We announced the new Sunday series for July.  During the first 3 weeks of July we will be talking about 3 things that we can absolutely trust God to “handle”.  Things we DO NOT have to worry about.  Things that we can “Chill” about. 

July 26th (week 4) will be a “Chill day” @ the park for actionchurch.  We will take the day off from meeting at club 19 and instead meet at John Rudy County park.  We will be picnicing , playing, and hanging out together as a church.  Stay tuned for details and do not miss it.  I am so looking forward to spending a Sunday just hanging out with actionchurch folks!   Think of it as a “church picnic”…actionchurch style.  God help us not to burn down the park  :-)

And yes…July 19th will be “bring your chair to church” Sunday.  I’m not sure if I’m more worried that Josiah’splan will not “work”…or whether it actually will.   I stand by my statement from Sunday that we must be the “dumbest church in America” for asking people to bring a comfy chair to church that day.   Bring a couch and fill it with your friends…bring a beanbag chair…bring a love seat and a “loved one” to sit in it with you.  Can’t wait to see what Sunday the 19th looks like.   Josiah announced that “if you bring a SECTIONAL sofa, you will definitely win lunch”.  Someone thought he said “sexual sofa” and asked me about it later…I DO NOT even want to know what that would be  :-)

There will be lots more surprises in store for July.  I am truly looking forward to this month @ actionchurch.  Stay tuned here…and on Sunday mornings…you will not want to miss a thing.

Thanks as always to everyone that makes actionchurch happen each week.  Whether you set up, teardown, invite your friends, donate your cash, or share your talent on Sunday morning…you are absolutely the reason that we have a place to bring our friends on Sunday morning.  Thank you all!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: the Resistance finale…

  1. Don, I can’t believe we are doing bring your own chair day.
    I guess the best ideas do come at 3:30 in the morning!


    This message brought to you by an Apple product.

  2. Love the creative ideas coming out of the Actionchurch team….Really like the church picnic and church in the park…how cool is that!! Only so very sad that we are supposed to be out of town that weekend. Hoping to rearrange vacation so we can check it out!

    • Looking forward to the day @ the park myself! I loved that you said the ideas coming out of the actionchurch TEAM…so true! We are really blessed with a great crew of really committed and creative folks!