This isn’t exactly a “breaking news” site but I can’t exactly skip over the fact that Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett…and yeah even Ed McMahon passed away this week.  

I’ll leave the “moralizing” to the religious folks.  I can just see it now…some “Preacher type”  will say “The king of pop met the King of Kings ” in their sermon this week.   I guarantee it!  

I’ll leave the “I was such a huge fan growing up” thing to others also.  Truth is…I was never a fan of MJ.  (I was however a HUGE fan of Farrah Fawcett as a pre-teen boy in the 70’s.  :-)    Don’t think for a moment we watched Charlies Angels for the great plot line…and then there was that poster and t-shirt that every other kid in school had, but my Preachers wife  Mom would NOT buy for me.  Wow that was creepy.

Here’s the thing that keeps coming to my mind.  Pop icons are human…they die…and when they do they take a little piece of our child hood with them.  (I hope Cap’n Crunch is healthy!)  They are part of our “growing up” experience…but the people that make the MOST impact us are not the “Icons”…not the “superstars”…they are the average, everyday parents, teachers, coaches, and friends that truly impact our lives.  We can all do that.  We can all make an impact.  Everyone of us has the ability to do something that will be missed when we are gone…

What are you doing that people will remember when you are gone?

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  1. And I thought you were kidding about Neil Diamond. Please, please no Jackson 5 or Thriller this week….please.