Sunday Recap: The Resistance part II


Set up Crew in action

Had a great Sunday at actionchurch.  (At least the part I remember…I had a sleep deprivation black-0ut about half way through the sermon  :-)    )   This week we talked about temptation.   At first glance, it seems “less than overwhelming”  that Satan tempted Jesus in Mathew 4 to turn stones into bread, jump off the temple, and bow down and worship him in exchange for a crappy-no indoor plumbing-donkey riding-world.   However, Satan still uses our physical desires/needs, appeals to our pride, and power/possessions to lure us away from God…and toward eternal destruction.   Just like in the Terminator flicks, our number one responsibility when confronted by Satan is to stay alive!  (Resist and remain standing)

The Highlights

The people of actionchurch.  You are the best.  I love being on your team!

Got to announce a very successful Relay ’09.  To say that actionchurch folks “came through” would be a huge understatement.  $25o0+ plus raised for ACS.  Countless laps walked.  Countless hours spent serving others, carrying equipment, bringing kids joy at with the obstacle course, providing snowballs and entertainment for the crowds…as I said Sunday I am so proud to put on my black shirt and be part of your team!

Failure to Excel on stage.  This band really had it all.  Great vocals.  Great musicians.  Great attitude and message.  Cool to have them all the way from Delaware/MD

Lance Danmeyer has had 3 top ten finishes in the actionchurch Extreme Camaro.  Got to get out to Susquehanna Speedway and see him run!  

Speaking of Lance and Carli…thanks for bringing the KIIIIITTTTTTYYY  to church.  (that’s how I reacted when I saw the kitten)

Got asked to do two (2!) weddings Sunday.  Yeah, I said the same thing.  Have you heard me speak?   Very happy for the couple…just questioning their choice to have me ANYWHERE near their special day  :-)    I’ll be “good”…I promise.

The actionchurch crew rocked it as usual even after the 24 hr Relay for life event.  Everyone was there and “on it”.  Thank you all.

Love having Josiah “on Mike” to correct me when I say in my sleep deprive haze that “Satan wants you to read the Bible.”   He truly came through with the graphics after a last minute band change and no sleep for about 3 days. 

Big thank to Ryan for coming back from NJ to set the video equip for us!

As Garret twittereereerd   “We are a church for Misfit toys” on Sunday morning.  Amen.  May we always be…

Got so much cool stuff coming up in July that I am having trouble not “spilling” it…  Having Kate on board is going to be so good for us as we build community @actionchurch.  Stay tuned!




One thought on “Sunday Recap: The Resistance part II

  1. Random Ramblings of the Aged (RRA)
    Relay – 1. Isn’t it cool how God always makes sure that we get more than we give. My family and I are so grateful that Actionchurch gave us the opportunity to walk with the team. 2. How come Don wasn’t dressed up like a cowgirl? 3. AC Allstars and Letters for Lovers – so cool to see you guys out there with us!
    Failure to Excel – 1. Haven’t heard a band at AC yet that I didn’t like. Have my favs, but these guys were AWESOME!!! 2. Like Don said, you guys are the real deal. You had it going on. 3. PLEASE, please come back again. I can’t wait.
    Weddings – 1. It is about time that this congregation of misfits finally recognizes what a treasure we have in Don and Michelle. 2. Since I’m already married to my one true love, can I go ahead and book you for my funeral?
    Josiah – 1. Keep up the great work. We couldn’t do it without you. 2. and i for one thought the skinny jeans were smokin.