Sunday Recap: Service/Serve-us?


actionkidz set up

Sunday was the wrap-up of the Service/Serve-us? series.   The question of whether the point of church is to “serve us” or if it instead “service” for others is one of the most hotly debated and contentious theological (and practical) arguments of “Christian living”.   Thanks for all the great questions and comments (txt) Sunday.  I thought I’d finish out the series by thanking  the people of actionchurch that truly exemply that church can be about “service for others”.

Thank you… all of you that give financially to make sure that actionchurch is open on sundays for others who probably would never hear about Jesus if it weren’t for your support.  (and since actionchurch isn’t exactly the kind of place that puts brass plaques on everything to honor giving…you all definitely do it to serve others)

Thank you…  to those of you who get up early on Sunday morning to make sure that every person that comes to actionchurch will have a place to set, a great sound and lighting experience, a GREAT place to send their kidz!

Thank you…to those of you who set up the hospitality area so people can have coffee and donuts, set up the signs so people can find club 19…make amazing things happen with wire and duct tape each Sunday.

Thank you to all of you who stay after and help tear down gear and store it away… thanks for being late to lunch so that we can do church each week.

Thanks to all of you who “admit” :-) that you go to to “church in a bar”…  Thanks for inviting your friends…even though you have to explain what “church for people who don’t like church” is all about. 

Thank you so much for all of you who make actionkidz a great place…who make my daughter say “Sunday is my favorite day of the week”.  I know not many people see the great work you do behind the garage door of actionkidz…but you are all heroes.

Thank you to those of you who are walking and supporting Relay for life…I am NOT satisfied yet with how many of  you there is this year.  WE NEED MORE…but thank you all who are walking.

I know I’m missing somebody…I know I’ll probably have to edit this…but in case you miss my point…actionchurch is a “SERVICE” church- NOT a “serve-us” church.   If you invest, invite, or are involved at actionchurch…you are living out “service” every week.

Thank you all.



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